422 (Corby) Squadron



Gliding is usually the first time a cadet is given the chance to take the controls of an aircraft. its a chance to gain flying hours and have a good time.

Once cadets reach the age of 16 cadets have the chance to be picked for a gliding scholarship. This involves the cadet spending a week or a few weekends at the local VGS (Volunteer Gliding Squadron).

At the end of the scholarship the cadet will have gained blue, silver or gold gliding wings that they can proudly wear on their uniform.  Cadets who have earned silver or gold wings have demonstrated exceptional capability when flying the glider and may now fly solo.

PTS Gliding Badges

In the ATC we use two types of glider: the Viking glider which is launched using a winch and the Vigilant self launching glider (pictured below).

The Vigilant glider that cadets will get to fly