Flying with 422 (Corby) Squadron



Flying is one of the most looked forward to activity offered by the ATC. it provides cadets with the chance to take control of an aircraft and accumulate flying hours that can be used towards a pilots license or just to have fun. Once in the air, cadets are given the choice of taking control of the aircraft and flying the aircraft around the skies for a while or sitting back and letting the instructor demonstrate aerobatic maneouvres.

If cadets wish to progress further with their flying skills, then the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (ACPS) is the next step.  This is one of the most sought after flying courses within the Air Cadet Organisation. Successful applicants (minimum age of 16) are awarded up to 12 hours of flying training which may include a solo flight.  On successful completion of the course, cadets can wear the coveted ACPS brevet.

PTS Flying Badges

The aircraft we use for flying in the ATC is the Grob Tutor (pictured below), a two seat light aircraft used by the RAF to train pilots before they are trained on their specific aircraft type.

The Grob Tutor