422 (Corby) Squadron

In This Section



"I love the experiences that the ACO provides me with. I have been able to meet a range of amazing and inspiring people, and have been presented with opportunities I would never have otherwise been given.."

Sgt Hannah Eden


"The varitey of different things to participate in at cadets is huge. The experiences that you get out of it are next to none as well as unique; from leadeship camps to the discipline of drill, it teaches you to be a rounded person. with the opportunity to have fun and meet like minded people, who in some cases will be friends for life."

Sgt Eve Pavitt


"I like the fieldcraft aspects of cadets as well as making many friends"

Cdt Jason Tilley


"I like that I have made so many new friends. I love the camps and the activites we get to do it's alot of fun."

Cdt Darcie Mathieson


"The teamwork and flying is best thing about cadets.  It really helps with social skills."

Cpl Dylan Wilson


"Loving the experience with the ACO. The cadets, staff, and the CIs are helpful and informative. Good social skills development . I've also made so many friends with other cadets. It has also given me an insight in what I want to do when I leave school/college."

Cdt Joseph Cartwright


"I love the fact that there are so many activities that cater to all types of people- whether a cadet is academic or practical. I have had the opportunity to meet many friends all around the country. I've also been able to see and experience different sectors of the RAF lifestyle. This has given me a real insight into what a career in the RAF will entail."

Sgt Emily Russell


"I love the fact that cadets supplies everyone with so many opportunities whilst still having a competitive streak to the organisation allowing us to find out what route we should take for the future and if you are right for the military, either officer or service man/woman."

Cdt Reece Pollen


"I love the fact that there is such a huge community of people all passionate about the same things that you are. You meet so many amazing new people and make so many great friends on camps and such with the ACO."

Cdt Daniel Silver


"I love how proud I feel to be an Air Cadet."

Cdt Ellie Webster