422 (Corby) Squadron
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Happy New year

As 2023 closes we look back to the last 12 months.
With 49 non cadet night activities mostly over weekends. Ranging from inter sqn competitions to adventurous training.
70 cadet classification exams have been passed.
5 bronze DofE with others just about to be signed off.
30 blue, 3 bronze and 1 silver leadership awards achieved.
29 Blue radio, 2 Avanced voice procedure, 1 silver communicator and 2 Silver Data Communications
15 blue, 4 bronze cyber awards
And now have 25 blue trained shot, 8 blue marksman and 4 advanced marksman on air rifle along with 5 bronze trained shot, 2 silver trained shot and one silver marksman.
CWO little promoted during the year and is now at 1F after moving to Leicester and ASgt Tilley joined the RAF and is now about to be given his first posting after training.
In sports our first trophy was for the senior Girls in Swimming at the start of the year and then followed by overall x-country champions in October
Well done to all the cadets for your achievements this year, thank you to all the staff your commitment to enable such experiences.
Next year we have even more planned and are already looking forward to showing you what we have done.

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