422 (Corby) Squadron
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Annual Presentation Evening

Cadets paraded at St Andrews Church hall to celebrate their achievements over the past year and to reward cadets for their hard work and commitment.

The night started off with a drill presentation by the cadets of 422 with static and continuity drill being perfomed. Then the squadron welcomed its new members with an enrollment ceremony making them fully fledged cadets.

After this many awards were presented including Best Sporting Cadet and Best All Round Cadet. Once the awards were given out, promotions were awarded with cadets being promoted to Corporals, Corporals to Sergeant and one Sergeant to Flight Sergeant.

After all of the proceedings, guests and cadets were invited to help them selves to refreshments and a small buffet. The night concluded with a raffle with prizes ranging from bottles of wine to polishing kits.


´Attendance´ Trophy Winner

 ´Aircraft Recognition´ Trophy Winner

´Best All Round Cadet´ Trophy Winner

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